You can't take your eyes off it

On the street, at home or online, nothing draws our eyes more than moving images. Once you know that, you can't really leave video out of your marketing plan. But the power of video is not only in the movement, it is mainly in storytelling.

Our view on image

A video with a strong story touches, motivates or activates the viewer. In campaigns or with an always-on layer, storytelling also ensures a higher involvement of your audience. The long-term use of video is an excellent opportunity to get your brand story across to your target group.

How can I use content smartly for my brand?

With a strong content strategy and a rhythm in producing content, you remain constantly relevant to your target group.

Creative concept

At Endeavour every briefing starts with a strong creative concept. We look at your goals and the message you want to convey and then come up with an idea that will touch your target group.

Smart productions

Before we start production, we agree on which channels we will use videos. This way, we can shoot the right formats during the shoot and create images that fit the channel they are being shown on.


With digital media and clever use of data, video can be used dynamically. After all, every user has a unique profile. With dynamic video we can show personalised and relevant video content.

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