The main argument for influencer marketing

When did you last check your phone or laptop? Exactly, we no longer go online, we live online. We spend more and more time on social media. Consumers actively avoid commercials and only want to see content that inspires. From real people of flesh and blood. 

Influencers with their own style or creative content have gathered a lot of followers in recent years, thus creating an interesting reach for your brand. Their validation is extremely valuable and translates into brand awareness and sales when they recommend your service or product. Influencers tell the story of brands and organizations in an authentic and trusted way. And it’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. But why?


Advertisements are annoying

Do you know anyone who enjoys watching commercials? Except for a few gems, we tune out commercials, go grab a drink or check our social channels. And when it comes to online and mobile ads, the popularity of ad blockers speak for themselves. Currently, about one in four people use an ad blocker. In short: really hitting your target group with ads is very difficult. 


Youth difficult to reach

Talking about TV: we watch less and less TV anyway and especially the youth watches everything online on demand. This makes it difficult to reach this target group through traditional means such as TV and radio. This target group is also difficult to bind with memberships and subscriptions. So how do you reach them? Every week, young target groups are waiting for the new video from their favorite YouTuber or closely follow the social posts of their favorite influencer. This is the place where you can grab their attention.


New platforms

With so many new social networks popping up, and the digital trends coming and going, advertising on social networks is difficult and sometimes even impossible.  Do you want to reach your target group there? Then the obvious thing to do is to collaborate with the most popular people there.


Trust in brands is low

Finally, consumer trust in brands is historically low. Advice from a friend? Gladly! Various studies show that consumers trust recommendations from experts, friends or acquaintances more than the usual advertisements. Someone you know or a specialist you can identify with is much more credible than an impersonal advertisement that pops up when and where you are not expecting it.


Get started with influencer marketing yourself

These are the main reasons why influencer marketing is booming and why it should be part of your marketing strategy. You too can get started with it in the following three steps: 

  1. Find influencers who really fit your brand and successfully move your target audience.

  2. Develop a strategy or campaign concept that highlights your brand.

  3. Are you struggling or are you not getting the results you hoped for? Endeavour is happy to help.

Experience it for yourself

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