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As a brand, you need to stay in touch with your target audience. This is crucial to achieving your goals. You stay in touch through campaign and content. From inspiring or informing to stimulating desired behaviour. You do this by telling your brand’s story digitally in a way that your target group finds attractive. 

Putting control in the right hands

Placing content on different channels can seem complex. While you want to focus on the business. That is why we take the reins from you. Our specialists know exactly what needs to happen on which channel to reach, touch and convince your target group. 

Distinctive power

Your target group receives hundreds of stimuli a day, so your stimulus must stand out and touch them. By doing so, you change the target group’s perception and create brand preference. Stand out by taking the following into account: 

Start your branding digitally: most touchpoints with your target group take place online. So that is the starting point for the campaign and content. 
Focus on the life journey: bring content of value at the right moments in the life of your target group.
Stand out with creativity: start from your brand and translate creative ideas into authentic content that continuously ensures you are relevant to your target group and evokes emotion.
Be consistent with content: you only build a connection when you stay in touch with your target group for a longer period of time.

This is how we work

We divide a content strategy into three layers: hero, hub and hygiene. We do this to reach everyone in the target group at the right moment in their customer journey. 


The hero layer focuses on the awareness phase where we collect as many profiles as possible to increase brand awareness among your target audience. Often, digital media are complemented by other media in this layer. We also integrate that into the strategy.



The hub layer focuses on the consideration phase and is about content that you share in a regular rhythm. This way, you are continuously present in the lives of your target audience. In doing so, you create preference among the audience you have reached in the hero layer.

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The hygiene layer focuses on the action phase and fleshes out content in the undercurrent. On the one hand, by retargeting on profiles you already know, on the other to build the brand and give it more digital value.


Your campaign and content strategy

In the online competitive field, you stand no chance if you skip certain stages of the customer journey. A campaign content strategy provides clarity on this, also when it comes to the right digital channel. It is not only social, or only influencer, nor only performance marketing. By determining what you need within which context, where you want to build towards as a brand within which period, and how much content needs to be produced to achieve your objective, we create an integrated plan.

From awareness to conversion 

Treat your brand not as a label, but as a brand. Branding goes beyond putting your logo on a product or content item. You want to create a perception or experience that triggers an emotion in your target audience. Then you can drive action and conversion. The right media strategy will help you do this. 

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