Positioning- and brand strategy

Establish a strong brand presence

Refreshing your brand, launching a product or approaching a new target group? Then you need to think about your positioning and brand strategy. We help you sharpen your story and proposition for a powerful brand with a long-term vision. By translating your brand identity into an irritation-free customer experience and authentic content that is relevant to your target group, you will stand out in the market and build a loyal fan base. Let’s get started.

This is what you can do with a positioning and brand strategy

Developing your positioning and brand strategy provides a clear direction for the brand. This delivers a number of benefits: 

  • Simplify decisions for your brand: establishing unique brand values makes it easier to monitor consistency. 
  • Bring focus to what you want to tell: arrive at a unique and inspiring brand story that you can constantly tell in new ways
  • Define your target audience: your brand is more attractive and credible when it is clear for whom your brand exists.
  • Stand out from competitors: discover your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and learn to stand out in the market.

Working according to the LEVEL UP® Method

We work with our own LEVEL UP® Method. This involves capturing the brand’s environment, market, target group and core values in several sessions and making them practical for operational use.

1. Landscape design

We map out your brand and see how it relates to the market.

2. Elements that distinguish

We position you against your competition to stand out to your target audience.

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3. Vibes and stories

We build a unique and inspiring brand story to strike the right chord with your target audience.

4. Effects and energy that lasts

We translate the essence into an immediately executable blueprint to achieve your goals.

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5. Life Journey

We create an optimal customer experience for your target audience so that you remain a partner for life.

6. UP

We ensure the best possible execution of your strategy with creative interpretation.

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From positioning and brand strategy to content

What you stand for as a brand and what your story is is the basis for the content you use to reach and convince your target audience. Creativity and tangibility to the target group are crucial for differentiation here.

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