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influenceer marketing

Have you ever done or bought something because an Instagrammer or YouTuber does or has it too? If so, you are no exception. Human beings are naturally sensitive to the influence of authority. Who we see as authority varies from person to person. With influencer marketing, we connect your brand to the right person who has influence with your target audience.

The perfect match

Until recently, choosing the right influencer for a specific brand was often done on assumptions. Endeavour recently developed a tool that bases this choice on data. By automatically researching which influencer’s type of content, communication style and type of followers best fits the brand, the choice can be substantiated..


Of course, this also directly affects the effectiveness of the campaign. The chance of a high view-through rate, brand awareness and engagement becomes many times greater if you can demonstrate in advance that the target group recognizes the authority of the chosen influencer. Endeavour is one of the leaders in this field with the development of this tool. And of course we are happy to share this knowledge and technology with you.


Smart choices always pay off

Putting your brand’s reputation in the hands of an individual outside your organization can be exciting. So it’s important that you can trust that the influencer fully understands your brand values and represents them appropriately. With our knowledge, our technology and our committed collaboration style, you can rest assured that your investment will pay off and your brand will be stronger in the marketplace. We ensure that your story is perfectly translated into appropriate content. In addition, we continuously monitor the results and adjust where we see opportunities for improvement.

What can we do for you?

Influencer marketing is the perfect way to convince your target audience of the added value of your product or service. We do this by:

  • Target audience analysis: we research what drives your target group and who they recognize as an authority
  • Database of (micro-)influencers: we select the perfect match for your brand from our large network of influencers.
  • Content strategy: we formulate the conditions your content must meet to resonate optimally with your target audience
  • Content production: we guide (where necessary) your influencer in creating content that bridges your brand and your target audience
  • Mediation and guidance: the influencer is constantly being briefed, coached and directed by us in content creation
  • Promotion and advertising: we target your audience and increase your SEO value

Let's do it even better

Our team consists of experienced influencer marketing specialists and content creators. As a client, you therefore always have a professional point of contact and an inspiring sparring partner. In addition, we can also put you in touch with the other specialists of Endeavour who can help your brand really level up. Think of online marketers who help you reach your conversion goals, developers and designers who build an amazing website for you, copywriters who find the right words for your story and strategists who help you step by step in putting your brand on the map.

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