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The word “campaign” captures the imagination pretty well, but it is also, frankly, pretty vague. And that is exactly what a campaign should not be. A good campaign contains one clear message spread across various channels. And that one message puts your brand on the map in one fell swoop.

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Digital offers endless possibilities

In the 1940s and 1950s, companies placed an ad in the newspaper. “Toothpaste by X, for pearly whites!” In the ’70s and ’80s, TV advertising was the most popular channel for advertisers. “Peanut butter. I just like it.” But with the advent of the Internet, the playing field of marketing changed completely and forever. Today, a campaign can be tailored to every conceivable target audience and targeted with online ads, via email, on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and so on. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Every great campaign starts with a good idea....

A good idea, or rather, a good concept. Our creative team works with you to devise a message that communicates your brand story in an unforgettable way. Whether you sell toothpicks or a software program for accountants, we will find the perfect way to convince your target audience of your added value. And of course, our specialists in design, copywriting, illustration, social media and video then develop this concept into a finger licking campaign.


…and depends on a good strategy.

However beautiful your concept is, the success of your campaign is largely determined by the underlying strategy. We also have experienced in-house specialists who will work with you to examine how best to reach your target group. Based on this knowledge, we will choose which channels to use and which KPIs to achieve in order to measure your success. Throughout the duration of your campaign, they will keep their fingers on the button to fine-tune and optimize the deployment of your campaign.

How we achieve that

  • First we ask critical questions and identify your needs.
  • Then we delve into your target group and their needs
  • We connect this into a targeted brand strategy and translate it into a campaign concept
  • We create the content for your campaign
  • And then…we send it out into the world and blow your target group away with it

Are we going to win awards together?

We do it for you and not for fame. But what if we have the opportunity to do both? Some of our campaigns turned out to be so impactful that they became “award winning. In our trophy case, for example, you’ll find the FD Gazellen award, two Lovie awards, four Grand Prix Content Marketing awards and (our great pride) a bronze Effie award! We would be delighted to develop a campaign for your brand to write a piece of marketing history. Will you join us?

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