Email marketing

Connecting via the inbox

Almost everyone gets them every day: emails from a company. These emails are usually conversion oriented, but they are also often used for customer loyalty or service, for example when a company asks your opinion about a product you bought. Email marketing is more than just an occasional mailshot. It is a plan to stay in constant contact, to get as much as possible out of your target audience and to keep them as satisfied as possible.

The engine of retention marketing

Good email marketing brings more than a higher turnover. By also working on brand awareness, customer retention and staying involved with the customer after conversion, email marketing can contribute to all aspects of business. It is an important marketing tool for customer retention, in the care phase of the customer journey. Here, the balance of sales-oriented and non-sales-oriented messages is very important. Good email marketing is also a matter of testing and measuring. This way, you know exactly which subject line provides a higher open rate and you can optimise e-mails for the company's objectives.

How do I get enough good leads?

Potential customers often have a lot of questions. By answering them, you build up trust.

Conversion optimization

When you want to achieve a higher conversion ratio in emails, on your website or in online campaigns, you can do this by making adjustments and see what the consequences are. This way, you come one step closer to your intended conversion ratio.

Inbound marketing

E-mail marketing can be part of your inbound marketing strategy. In that case, you want to use emails to provide your target audience with content that is relevant and meaningful to them. When the audience believes in your product or service because of this content, the chance of conversion is greater.

Conversational marketing

Do you really want to start a conversation with the customer? Then you can do so with conversational marketing. By means of chatbots and live chat, you can speak to the customer 24/7 and can easily keep him happy or even surprise him.

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