5 reasons why you should deploy Hubspot today

Never heard of marketing automation? Shame on you! Maybe you’ve heard of HubSpot. It’s that good. HubSpot is the marketing automation software platform that lets you make sure your organization breathes the inbound marketing philosophy. With a marketing automation platform like Hubspot, you automate marketing processes. But it’s much more than that. 

Executing, managing and measuring your marketing processes also makes HubSpot (almost) child’s play. But that takes some love and attention. In this blog, we’ll lay out for you why you’d rather have started using HubSpot yesterday than today. Read the 5 reasons how HubSpot makes sure you make your marketing as efficient as possible. 

5 reasons to get started with HubSpot today

  • Reason 1: time saving

  • Reason 2: many integrations possible

  • Reason 3: boosts leads and conversions

  • Reason 4: takes your social media to the next level

  • Reason 5: integrated CRM system

Reason 1: HubSpot saves you time

We all know: time is money. With HubSpot, you’re productive without spending too much time on your marketing efforts. Sounds good right? In fact, working with HubSpot is remarkably easy and extremely efficient. All of your necessary tools are laid out clearly and are in logical places. For example, when creating your segments, you can quickly select the right filters and work through them in your segmentation modules.

Still can’t figure it out? No problem! For each problem you may encounter, there is at least one instructional video that explains how you can solve the problem. Also, when you purchase this tool, there is an implementation partner attached to it that you can ask all your questions to.

In addition, there is the HubSpot Academy. Here you can complete many training courses on topics such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, Inbound marketing, email marketing and much more! For each training you can obtain a certificate. Curious about all the training courses HubSpot Academy has to offer? Check them out here.

Reason 2: Many integrations possible

HubSpot has many integrations built in with other systems. These integrations ensure that all systems talk to each other and that you can measure the results of your marketing across different channels. Think SalesForce, Foleon or SurveyMonkey. With just a few clicks, you have a tool linked to your HubSpot system. 

Why is this an important reason to choose HubSpot? Because these integrations allow you to gain insight into where your leads are clicking. Imagine, you’ve created a white paper in Foleon and a lead has downloaded it. Then he clicks on a link in your whitepaper, you can act on this immediately. Or maybe your lead has downloaded the white paper but hasn’t done anything with it? Then it’s time to send a reminder.

Wondering which integrations you might already be using and can link to your HubSpot system?  If so, take a look at the integration page, or contact customer service.

Reason 3: boosts leads and conversions

Collecting suitable leads can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to gain actionable insights into how you generate, track and convert leads. That one whitepaper download can convert into a valuable customer with the right follow-up. Successful nurture flows lead to business. And business leads to growth. See where we’re going with this?

HubSpot offers numerous ways to optimize lead generation. Tools give you deep insight into how visitors arrive at your website. Paid, social, SEO and you name it. In addition, you see what they do on your website. Do they show the behavior of an interested website visitor? Or is it just a quick glance? With this information, HubSpot provides you with the ammunition to make adjustments where necessary. Piece by piece, you’ll achieve a converting website and happy customers.

Reason 4: Takes your social media to the next level

Where do your potential customers spend their time? Social media is a place to get inspired and discover fresh ideas. Social media is essential to any inbound marketing strategy. However, it can be a challenge to properly maintain your social channels in the daily hustle and bustle of your job. The secret? Plan ahead!

The key to keeping up-to-date and consistently posting to your socials is to schedule them in advance. HubSpot’s software gives you a great calendar and clear scheduling system. This makes keeping track of your social media a breeze.

With the extensive social media management features, you get all the data you need from your channels. You can see exactly who clicks on your messages, whether they share your content and where leads drop out. This ensures optimized social media and you can adjust your content where necessary.

Reason 5: integrated CRM system

This is where everything comes together. With HubSpot’s software, you have an integrated CRM system. As a result, your customer relationship management will be all the better. By integrating your social media accounts and website with HubSpot, you’ll have all the key insights in one place.

Within seconds you can see what your leads do on your website, when they leave, how they react to your social content and what they are doing on your website. The communication between you and your visitors goes a lot smoother than when you don’t know where in the customer journey your visitors are. Shooting with buckshot is officially a thing of the past with HubSpot. Hello valuable customer relationships!

In a nutshell

Making marketing activities within your organization as efficient as possible requires a marketing automation tool that offers everything you need. With HubSpot, you’ll save valuable time, connect your tools of choice, and transform leads into conversions. Take your social media strategy to the next level with HubSpot’s easy-to-use scheduling system and optimize your customer relationship management with HubSpot’s CRM system. 

Curious about how to effectively use HubSpot for your own organization? Please contact us to discuss the many possibilities. Our team is ready for you!

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