What you missed at What’s Next in Digital?

It was Thursday, Nov. 24, 2022, the day when football was forgotten for an evening despite the ongoing World Cup in Qatar. At the Koepel in Haarlem, Uruguay – South Korea and Portugal – Ghana made strides for ‘What’s Next In Digital?’ The event at which Endeavour gives its clients a glimpse into the future of digital marketing through guest speakers.

For an insightful evening, the program was filled with top speakers from the digital playing field:

  • Steven van Belleghem
  • Sander Duivestein
  • Sjoerd van Tilburg
  • Coen Fredriks
  • Laurens Vreekamp

What’s next in digital?

Leading up to the event, a healthy tension was palpable on the work floor. Employees ‘flew’ through the Koepel, the last chairs were put in place and last minute guest list places were handed out on the spot. Affirming the fact that literally everyone who is a client to Endeavour was welcome.

With a characteristic opening dance by the LED-Robot the event could begin. In addition to a photo opportunity with this futuristic apparition, each guest was able to hang up his or her coat upon arrival and independently fill a Dopper bottle for the necessary hydration. Attracted to the sweet smell of colorful petitfour, people then made their way down the stairs to take their seats for the first half following up their networking chat.

The first half: Are you already king of customer experience?

Our own Executive Director Mike van der Wallen provided the kickoff in the cinema. Via the Effie we won with the digital-only campaign for Danone HiPRO, Mike made a nice bridge to the man who also knows a thing or two about efficiency: Steven van Belleghem, author of the book ‘The Offer You Can’t Refuse’.

Having traveled all the way from Gent and packed with Flemish humor, the Belgian trendwatcher opened up about the digital future of human contact and the corporate necessity of a customer culture. His tip? Always be around, but never pushy, and bring value at the right moment!

“Where are we doing well and where can we impass what’s next to make a difference?” – Steven van Belleghem

The second half: Prepare for 2023!

At halftime, everyone could then follow one of our dear staff members with a flag to be escorted to one of the two breakout rooms. In breakout room 1, Sander Duivestein was to shine his light on the new opportunities in marketing with artificial intelligence. To get an idea of what was told you can ask yourself: why is fake the new real? In room 2, Sjoerd van Tilburg outlined Google’s new playing field. Are you already prepared for all the changes around lead generation and first party cookies?

The two gentlemen could count on a change after their input, but stay around to expand their minds. Coen Fredriks took over in space 1 to explain how to boost e-commerce through new channels, using three growth pillars: purchase frequency, average order value and customer count. Laurens Vreekamp shared in space 2 how marketers today can already use Artificial Intelligence to make their work more creative and easier.

The third half: That tastes like more!

To end the evening in characteristic fashion, live music brought everyone back together at the bar of the Delicafé. No ‘bitterballen’ and minced-meat hot dogs this time, but fresh oysters, tartare of coeur de boeuf, or confit of duck leg with caramelized onion. While enjoying these delicious appetizers, drinks were available to toast to what 2023 will bring us all!

Those who were brave enough could still share their findings and insights in front of the camera. The answer to the question of whether they will return next year was a resounding “ABSOLUTELY!” Will you be there? See what awaits you next year in the aftermovie below:

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