4 examples of empathic content creation

In recent times, the physical distance between people, as well as between people and companies, has been great. We seek recognition from each other in the feeling we have. It’s time for companies to show empathy and emotion and thus spark a sense of recognition in their target audience.

“How do you incorporate empathy and emotion during content creation?”. No worries, we’ll explain it to you. Today, it’s not enough for a company to put the full emphasis on your service or product. Tell more than just a story. Show what goals your company is striving for, other than profit. In this blog we will show you 4 examples of empathetic content.

Example 1: Dove #WashToCare

Dove has been creating content with empathy and emotion in it for years. Photos of “Real Beauties” appear daily on the cosmetics brand’s Instagram page, and the brand reaches beyond just selling personal care products.

With #WashToCare, Dove capitalizes on emotion with the video message to take care of each other. Wash your hands for yourself and for others with whatever soap you use. A clear message that capitalizes on people’s sense of belonging.

Example 2: Sonos’ Instagram tutorials

We’ve all experienced it. You buy a new device, but it seems impossible to figure out how to install it from the manual. Sonos completely empathized with its target audience and understood this problem. On Instagram, the electronics company shared short video tutorials, explaining parts of the manuals. From how to program your alarm to how to place the Sonos box for the ultimate bass. The goal of the tutorials is not to generate as many sales as possible, but to simplify installations. A smart move!

Example 3: Meditate with Lush’s beauty mask

Lush is a cosmetics brand with handmade products. The company caters to people who like to buy sustainable and animal-friendly personal care products. ‘Freshmade, handmade products’ the company promises. The company believes it is important to tell the story that people are looking for, that they want to listen to. Lush’s customers consciously buy the brand because it meets their requirements. The products are an enrichment for relaxation moments.

For example, Lush developed a beauty mask where you received a QR code. By scanning the code you get to see a meditation video. Thus, you relax not only through the mask, but also through the meditation video. This concept created a whole new experience that made people relate Lush to meditation.

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Example 4: LinkedIn’s secret recipe

Most companies have their own LinkedIn page and some use LinkedIn in their marketing strategy. LinkedIn, with its Marketing Solutions, focuses on mobilizing marketers to grow their network, create more effective content, and thus achieve their goals. LinkedIn ultimately wants its audience to use the service to achieve these goals.

The social media channel’s team put emphasis on the content that marketers have at their disposal with the Marketing Solutions. The benefits remained more in the background. LinkedIn wants to empower its audience to work better (and use its product to do so). To make this possible, there is an e-book that contains all the necessary information. Customers learn through this kind of offering that LinkedIn is a reliable source to help them.

Get started with empathetic content creation!

We hope these examples will give you an idea of how to apply empathy and emotion in your content. Use real employees or customers, tell what people want to hear, not what you want to say yourself and empathize with your target audience.

So start applying empathy and emotion in your content today and discover what it can do for your business. We are convinced that empathic content marketing is hot and happening.

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