Conversion optimisation

Create optimal conditions

On your website, in your newsletter or on social media, you can use a call to action that urges your target audience to perform an action. Clicking a button to order or opening a link to an e-mail are examples of a conversion. How often or how much people click on a button is influenced by many factors, such as the colour of the button, the text it contains, but also what happens around it on the screen. With conversion optimisation, also known as Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO, you look for the optimal conditions for conversion.

Testing for the best conversion rate

There is no fixed rule for the best conversion rate. In general, it is a matter of testing. This can be done with an A/B test, in which you use several variations with your target group at the same time and after a certain amount of time, you check which one yields the highest conversion. Conversion optimisation is therefore all based on data and can also be adjusted where necessary. Sometimes, you have to pay for better conversion, for example when a price per click goes up. But when CRO is carried out well, your conversion rate will continue to rise, guaranteeing a return on the investment.

How do I use data to get more out of my advertisements?

By making smart use of algorithms, you can optimise your advertising campaigns.

Growth strategy

Conversion optimisation can be an important part of your growth strategy. For instance, when you have a lot of visitors on your website, but they don't convert enough. By using conversion optimisation in combination with other strategies, you can give your growth a boost.

Data intelligence

For conversion optimisation, you need the right data. It is important to be able to measure the consequences of certain choices. With data intelligence, you know exactly which factors influence conversion.


Is your website set up in such a way that it is easy for the visitor to convert? Or do they have to search long and hard for the right product or contact details? By thinking from the user's perspective, you can increase conversion.

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