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Whether it's TikTok, Instagram or LinkedIn, almost every target audience can be found on social media. Between the updates from friends, family or colleagues, you yourself probably see content from companies pass by regularly. Social media is a good channel to reach, inspire or activate your target group.

Social campaigns with an eye for the viewer

To reach the target audience on social media, good content is needed. Social media channels are designed in such a way that the user can easily scroll past the message. To ensure that the target group does see the message, you need content that directly appeals to them, is meaningful, holds their attention and gets the message across.

How do I make optimal use of video?

Nothing attracts our eyes more than moving images, but the biggest strength of video is storytelling.

The right message, execution and timing

If you want to start spreading the message on social media, it is important to ask yourself if it is interesting for the target audience. At Endeavour we translate the message into a creative idea that touches the target audience. We do this in images and text. We look for the right channels and ensure that messages are taken care of from top to toe; from the right hashtags to the best moment to post them.

Smart production video

Social campaigns achieve the best results with video. Video is viewed better than still images and algorithms give priority to video content. If you want to work with video, you have to shoot the right formats. Through smart productions we can create content for all your channels in one shoot.

Influencer marketing

You can choose to reach the target audience on social media with influencer marketing. The advantage of influencer marketing is an engaged group of followers of the influencer you are working with. We are happy to help you choose, brief and produce with an influencer.

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