Influencer marketing

The power of human

It is our mission to help brands move from interruptive old-world advertising towards authentic and trusted content. As we like to say: The best advertising isn’t advertising. Creating content that resonates with, and inspires your target audience is imperative. This way, your content delivers on both branding and sales. Tap into the power of human with Endeavour. We’re one of the first influencer marketing agencies in the industry and keep on leading it with award-winning campaigns and programs for both B2B and B2C.


Integrated influencer marketing

Leading brands paved the way and built empires on social media. Can you guess how? By adopting an influencer-first approach in their marketing mix. Influencer marketing is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for brands that want to reach the right consumers. We help our clients thrive in the digital age by combining creative campaigns with smart always-on programs. If there was ever a recipe for influencer marketing success, it’s from our cookbook.

How do I use social media effectively to reach my target group?

With the right content, you can reach any target group on social media.

Creative at heart

Our award-winning influencer marketing campaigns are jam-packed with creativity. You need it to stand out, generate buzz and engagement. A provocative approach results in strong, favorable and unique brand positioning in the mind of the target audience. The best thing? Sales will most definitely follow, and that’s clearly what we’re after.

Data-driven in nature

Following a solid strategy, our data-driven approach aims for the highest possible ROI. The smooth integration with a brand’s existing marketing calendar, sales funnel and advertising strategy increases the influencer’s impact. Clear KPI’s pave the way for measurable impact. Create, analyze, optimize and repeat.

Scale up to the top

What happens when you mix the right tools, experience and international network? You’ll get the perfect influencer marketing strategy for future growth. Our approach allows you to scale up into new markets or regions. We eagerly look for innovative and sustainable ways to expand single campaigns into strong online communities. Like to start a movement together?

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