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Picking tonight's restaurant, buying a new hoover or booking tickets to the zoo; almost everything we do starts with an online search. It is therefore useful if your website is at the top of search engine results when someone is looking for a product or service that you offer. You can do this with search engine optimization.

Relevance for your reader

Search engines like Google or Bing base their search results on everything on your website, from text to images and links. The most relevant web page is placed at the top and therefore attracts the most attention from the searcher. They know that this website probably offers the answer to their search query. We help you to get that coveted first place. We do this by means of content and technique. The right content, with relevant keywords to answer the search query, is important. But technical components such as metadescriptions or error messages also influence search engine results. By integrating both components into the SEO strategy, you will gain authority in your field.

How do I use online advertising to grow my business?

Every brand is different, which is why a growth strategy is truly customised. By making your growth strategy measurable, you will know whether you are achieving results.

SEO check

With an SEO inventory, we look at your current search engine positions and examine how we can improve them. We then implement our findings, for example by rewriting texts.

Keyword analysis

In addition to a general SEO check, Endeavour can also conduct an extensive keyword analysis, in which we examine which keywords are interesting to include in your website so that you can be found more easily and stand out from the competition.

New website and SEO migration

Are you ready for a new website? We can develop it for you. We also guide the migration of your current SEO value. With a good migration, the current position is maintained when the new website goes live.

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