Data intelligence

Smarter advertising in one click

Okay we might be lying, not with just one click of a button. But with data intelligence you can advertise smarter. With the help of algorithms, a marketing system learns continuously with data from the campaign and optimizes the expressions that are still shown.

Automatic online campaigning

With the help of an algorithm, your campaign adapts automatically based on intermediate results. To set up and monitor such a campaign, you need to know how to instruct the algorithm correctly and use the data to see whether your investment is paying off. This way, you can run a campaign that not only knows better and better which impressions match your message, but you can also generate more precise conversions.

How do I make sure my ads are shown to my target group?

Besides being able to set target groups for digital ads, you can also automatically buy relevant advertising space.

First party data and data compliance

Collecting first party data, data directly from a website, makes you ready for the (cookieless) future. When, as a company, you collect and store this kind of data, there are rules you have to comply with. Think of privacy laws such as AVG. Endeavour can ensure you of the right data while complying with all regulations.

Growth strategy

Every company wants to grow. But how you want to grow determines whether or not you can achieve your objectives and ambitions. With a growth strategy, you map out where you want to take your company and work out the most efficient way to get there.

Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying allows you to buy ad space automatically. Your system also learns to look for better and better impressions based on the results, increasing the conversion rate of a campaign.

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