DBOM is now known as Endeavour


The pioneers and online marketing specialists of DBOM can now be found under the name Endeavour

Do you pronounce it De Bom or D.B.O.M.? This question can actually only be answered by one person, and that is Duncan Borsboom. He is the person who founded the company in March 2009. In the five years prior to that, he had been employed by other companies and had become a Google AdWords specialist. At that time, he was quite a pioneer, as few people were really familiar with this ‘behind the scenes’ advertising programme.

At the height of the financial crisis, he decided that this was the perfect moment to use his unique knowledge and to start his own company. This turned out to be a smart move, because DBOM (oh, by the way, it is pronounced De Bom) was immediately successful and within a year he hired his first employee. After a few years, he met Matthijs van Schendelen. Between the men, the discussion soon arose as to whether a website was a technical product that had to be sold or a qualitative product that could be used to sell.  

Together with Endeavour Group

The discussion ended with the realisation that both visions were correct. DBOM, Pixelindustries and Hellodialog joined forces and formed the first cooperation of companies within the Endeavour Group. The demand for smart effective online marketing grew and DBOM grew with it. The team of skilled online marketers can now claim a considerable share in the success of various websites and online campaigns. 

The cooperation with Endeavour also offered the companies new opportunities. For instance, DBOM and e-mail marketing agency HelloDialog combined their services in order to make even better use of each other’s unique opportunities in the field of online sales and retention. The marketers help entrepreneurs to reach their target group at exactly the right place and the right time, and to grow their business.

Endeavour Growth

“Online marketers are engineers,” says Duncan, “they research data, set specific goals and combine this into a technical plan of attack that ultimately leads to… growth. In terms of brand awareness, visitor numbers and, of course, ultimately sales.” After more than 10 years, Duncan is saying goodbye to ‘his’ DBOM, with a little bit of pain in his heart. However, that does not mean that he is leaving, as he is now going to use his knowledge and experience for Endeavour People. A department where recruitment, employer branding and of course the people are central. The former DBOM will continue as Endeavour Growth with Martijn Berns at the helm. “I expect that this step will only help the Growth team to grow in the future; in togetherness, professionalism and diversity. Endeavour will really become a place where people can develop themselves and push their boundaries.” 

The will to continue pioneering is still in Endeavour Growth’s DNA. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to ensure that our clients stay ahead. With state-of-the-art technology, new creative angles and cross-channel campaigns, we work to achieve that one ultimate goal: to realise the growth ambitions of our clients.  

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