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When a website, app or e-commerce environment does not convert well, it could be because of the user-friendliness of the tool. Maybe the order button is hard to find or the menu is not logically structured. Then your visitors will leave and you won’t sell as much as you actually could. By looking at the UX, the user experience, and optimising it, you make it easier for customers to convert.

The psychology of the visitor

The human brain makes choices all day long even though we are hardly aware of it. What those choices are based on has to do with a piece of biology and a piece of conditioning. Our UX specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the psychology behind the making of these decisions. They use this knowledge to design a website that is so pleasant to use and feels so natural that the visitor clicks through almost mindlessly up to and including the moment of conversion.

This is what we can do for you

Our UX designers think with you almost from the very first moment. Because good UX design is actually the basis of a well-converting website. Here’s what we do:

Research and analysis

Because we don’t want to guess, but actually want to know what your visitors like about using your site, we do various studies and analyse data. We can also do a review of your current website to see what is already going well and where we can improve things on your new website. After this research phase, you will receive an extensive report with advice.


Flow chart and wireframe

Because the user experience starts with the structure of your website, our UX designers create a flow chart showing a logical navigation of the website. This is further elaborated in a wireframe in which the desired functionalities of each individual page and an appropriate user experience are defined.


User-friendly design

Finally, the visual design of your website is determined. The visual language that defines how the design communicates to the user. The definition of colours, typography and components from which screens are made up. Where are the buttons located and what do they look like? Where is text interspersed with photos or video?


This is what it gets you

When a website is logical and not too complex, follows a clear storyline in text and images and every next step feels natural to your visitor, something special happens in your visitor’s mind: they start to feel involved (engaged) with your brand. And that feeling is exactly what is needed to help your visitor take that step towards conversion.

So it’s actually quite simple; UX is indispensable for your sales goals. Of course, in combination with a well-functioning website, cleverly written copy and a smart growth plan. Fortunately, at Endeavour, we have all the specialisations in house to help you achieve your goals from A to Z.

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