Our culture

Endeavour stands for all adventurers who do not know what awaits them and what obstacles there will be, but on sheer courage and perseverance achieve what everyone thought impossible. Explorers who break new ground and are not afraid to deviate from it sometimes.

We give honest feedback. Sometimes a little too honest, but always well-intentioned. From Gen-Z to baby boomers, all noses are in the same direction here.
Fresh eyes meet thoughtful insights in our workplace. Digital talent finds their way to a new level here.
Don't fake it, just make it. Working together, making mistakes and putting them right again. With our expertise, we challenge each other, every day.
We often do things slightly differently, but with results. You get used to that.

From this sense of adventure, Endeavour was founded in 2002. With a desire to try new things, even if it involves risk. Endeavour reaches for the stars with the guts to shake things up. The digital world offers us every opportunity to push boundaries.

Proud of who and where we are.

200+ Endeavourites in alle soorten en maten,
een gezellige boel!

Proud of who
and where we are.

Open communicatie en samenwerking staan centraal.
Met elkaar, maar ook zeker met de klant.

Middelmatigheid is niet onze stijl. We gaan altijd voor die 10+!

Don’t let the friendly vibe fool you: die gaat namelijk prima samen met een killer werkmentaliteit!

Is er een probleem? Dan lossen we dat op. Wat het ook is.

We. have fun! Tijdens het werk,
maar zeker ook tijdens feestjes,
borrels en…de jaarlijkse vakantie!

Iedereen is welkom en mag zichzelf zijn. We behandelen elkaar met respect.

Endeavour kent geen klassieke bureau overwerkcultuur. We houden namelijk ook best wel van ons prive leven.

We believe that curiosity, eagerness to learn, entrepreneurship and ambition are the keys to success. The goal is important, but the journey toward it is what really counts. What you explore, learn, discover and capture today will pay off tomorrow. Whether it’s personal development or brand goals.

Explore today, conquer tomorrow

We understand that every client has unique dreams and goals. We are the tools that help brands go beyond their digital boundaries. Our boldness and drive have made us big, but we remain down-to-earth and realistic. No bullshit, always with both feet firmly on the ground.

Come, connect

We are eager for new challenges

We are digital though still human. We love our culture shaped by 140 approachable, collaborative and passionate human beings.

We turn our skills, knowledge, creativity and perseverance into groundbreaking digital strategies, seamless user experiences, seductive digital stories and stunning visual designs.
We strive not just for the best, but for the extraordinary.

We are what we do

You may ask us anything

Or just stop by to say hi. We are thrilled to think about your challenges.

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Jeroen Rutte contact
+31 (0)23 727 1077 09:00 - 17:00 info@endeavour.nl
Gonnetstraat 32 2011 KA Haarlem

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