PXL.Widgets is. now known as Endeavour


PXL.Widgets is full of vision, drive and the guts to be innovative, even now it's called Endeavour.

Whoever says PXLWidgets, mentions Matthijs Kruijer in the same breath. Although the Haarlem native comes from a real educational family and also studied to be a teacher, his path led him to the world of digital platforms at the age of 21. At an early stage, he was involved in setting up an internet start-up that used the then still new widget technology. Although the innovative technology quickly gained popularity, Matthijs (like many progressive entrepreneurs) also had to learn to cope with setbacks. When he had to start all over again after a failed adventure, he did so under the name Widgets. 

With the development of a clever technique that made it possible to digitally top up the balance of mobile phones, the success of Widgets was unstoppable. Matthijs’ ambition to play in the Champions League of digital development, as he himself describes it, soon led him to the path of Matthijs van Schendelen. This self-willed owner of PIXEL Industries was cut from the same cloth as his namesake: full of vision, drive and the guts to be innovative.

Together with Endeavour Group

In 2017, the two companies merged and continued within Endeavour Group as PXLWidgets. Kruijer says: “This was done in close consultation with the colleagues who had been working for me for more than 10 years, because for me that is the core of success. People who choose to work for you every day for years on end are the greatest benefit you can achieve.” And with those same people, PXL Widgets will continue under the name Endeavour from 2022.

Endeavour Platforms

The cooperation with Endeavour also brought success on a business level. They developed an app for Vermaat, one of the largest caterers in the Netherlands, which helps to prevent food waste and measures which food has a positive effect on the well-being and productivity of employees! In addition, the Unit Victor platform, which helps veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSS) to pick up on stress signals and keep in touch with their buddies and other help lines. With Endeavour Platforms they can maintain and build on this success.

About the future, Matthijs says: “Sharing is multiplying. Where we are going now is exactly where I wanted to go. Taking on great projects, developing ourselves further together and as individuals, building great platforms and of course playing at Champions League level.” 

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