They have the talent, we are the springboard.

- Martijen Royen, Managing Director Endeavour Heroes

They have the talent, we are the springboard.

The gap between supply and demand of online marketers and developers was the start of Online Koplopers, which is now called Endeavour Heroes.

What happens if you are an HR employee who wants to make the switch to digital marketing and you search for a job in Haarlem via Google? Then you end up pretty quickly with online marketing agency DBOM. And that was exactly what Martijn van Royen, founder of Online Koplopers, did in 2015. 

He started there as a junior marketer but with his eagerness to learn he quickly worked his way up to operational manager. Not long after, one of DBOM's clients came to Martijn asking if they didn't 'have another marketer to spare'. They did not, but on the other hand, almost every day eager young marketers applied for jobs for which there was no room. This gap between supply and demand stuck with Martijn and turned out to be the start of a smart and successful spin-off of DBOM that became known as Online Koplopers. 

Together with Endeavour Group

At the time Online Koplopers started operating as an individual company, it was already part of the Endeavour Group. But within that group, the concept proved a very welcome addition to the existing portfolio. It closed the last open gap in the market that Endeavour wanted to fill. Eventually, the role of Online Koplopers, which initially focused solely on training and introducing young online marketers to the market, was expanded to include a branch for would-be developers. From then on, the project continued as Endeavour Heroes.

Endeavour Heroes

Martijn is still happy with the success of the spontaneously generated concept. "I recently heard that one of the guys who started as a Koploper now has his own successful agency. But there are also 'our people' walking around at Dopper and even Heineken. It is truly an honour to be able to guide young people in their development. Not only with knowledge in their field, but also in their role as a professional on the labour market. They have the talent, we are the springboard. My ultimate wish is that in ten years' time there will be people who can say: 'Looking back, I see Endeavour Heroes as the ideal first step of my career'. The name Heroes better suits what we do and the cooperation with the other specialists within Endeavour contributes every day to the opportunities we can offer these young heroes."


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