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Tyre manufacturer Vredestein wanted to increase brand awareness of their all-season tyres within the German market. Therefore, four well-known influencers raced through all seasons on the Nürburg Circuit and took their followers with them through an interactive Q&A.

Vredestein is a pioneer and has been investing in the quality and research and development of all-season tires. The German all-season tire market has become more competitive over the past years. Vredestein therefore asked how they could increase their brand awareness and build the audience’s confidence in the tyres.

The power of influencers

Instead of traditional advertising, we relied on influencers to actually experience the tyres and share this with their followers. Not only did we reach the most relevant target audience, but these followers were extremely involved in the campaign because we used an interactive Q&A with the influencers.

During two months, four German influencers generated a staggering 2 million impressions, through their enthusiasm, their interaction with each other and their followers. Including paid advertising, we generated well above the 3 million impressions, leaving the target of 1.2 million impressions far behind.

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