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In recent years, Dopper has become one of the Netherlands’ finest brands with a mission. And the brand is also making its mark in the rest of Europe. An increasing part of their marketing mix is influencer marketing, which is deployed in a combination of always-on content and campaigns. 100% following the playbook of ROI gurus Binet and Field, Dopper continuously builds brand awareness and thus sales. Together with Dopper, Endeavour developed the strategic influencer program and also executes it.

An international influencer marketing strategy

The basis of Dopper’s strategy is an always-on layer. Endeavour selected a number of influencers who enter into long-term partnerships with the brand. They form a constant communication layer in the strategy. This layer is important to keep the brand continuously top of mind with consumers. In addition to regular ambassadors, other influencers are also used to add extra power to the communication and reach new target groups.

The exact message of this constant layer depends on the brand awareness of the market. In the Netherlands, where we have known Dopper for some time, the focus is on the brand’s mission: to protect water supplies worldwide by choosing a reusable bottle over single-use plastic. Only a small part of the content in the Netherlands is about the actual products. In new markets like Germany and Belgium, it is the other way around, to first create brand awareness for Dopper and then spread the mission.

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Peaking at relevant moments

In addition to the always-on content, we grab momentum for Dopper with several campaigns they deploy throughout the year. For example, in May we campaigned for Dopper in Belgium with “May Plastic Free,” but in June an awareness campaign around the importance of reusable water bottles was planned in Germany. Last summer we saw the Dopper Back-to-School campaign. In the final weeks of the year, the brand will pick up some momentum with a year-end campaign.

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Play the long game

Although campaigning with influencers is a good way to grab momentum, an always-on layer, as per Binet and Field’s model, is an important part of Dopper’s marketing mix. The biggest benefit, of course, is continuously working on brand awareness and maintaining it with the target audience, but there are other benefits as well.

For example, when you work with an influencer for a longer period of time, you can probably also negotiate costs. Not only because you are buying in “bulk,” so to speak, but also because posts you have purchased at a certain price are likely to become more valuable over the long term. After all, the influencer’s prominence is growing, and thus he or she has more followers. Also, a long-term partnership ensures higher credibility, which makes the content more authentic. Last but not least, by working together long-term, you can also make agreements about which other brands the influencer collaborates with. This way, you can be sure that “your” influencer is not working for your competition during the term of your contract.


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