An optimized product feed
To catch new fish

Rods, fishing lines, bait and reels; Eurotackle has everything the angler needs. With its wide range of fishing tackle, the company has the right material for any angler to hook the biggest fish. Eurotackle wanted to draw attention to the more than 13.000 products in their range through Google Shopping. The challenge? To increase turnover while keeping costs at the same level. In other words: the ROAS had to increase.

Enriching products with the right information

The competition on Google Shopping is extremely high. Therefore, we started optimising the feed for Channable and building a Smart Shopping campaign. By setting up the feed in the right way and enriching products with information, the Google Shopping campaign can now run optimally.

After loading the new feed in the Google Merchant Center, we built a Smart Shopping campaign. For the first few weeks, we ran it alongside the current campaign to get more information. Then we gradually increased the target ROAS from 500% to 1200%.

4 (fishing) seasons later

Optimising the feed ensured that the product range was brought more to the attention of interested visitors. As a result, the conversion percentage increased considerably. One year after our adjustments, Eurotackle can profit from the following results:
1. Average ROAS from €4 to €12
2. Average CPC from €0.22 to €0.11
3. Conversion rate from 0.88% to 1.94%

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