Over a decade of development, video and advertising for Basiclabel

Basiclabel is one of the largest online home furnishing shops in the Netherlands. Where physical home furnishing stores often use shop windows or leaflets to reach customers, Basiclabel specifically wants to inspire and activate the online shopper. The collaboration with Endeavour started with the construction of a new website. Meanwhile we support Basiclabel not only with development, but also with video and online advertising.

basiclabel case

A Laravel website full of experiences

In 2004 Basiclabel needed a new website. Now, almost 20 years later, we could write a book on all the new technologies we have implemented since then, by using the scrum working method. In this article we will limit ourselves to the most recent and interesting optimisations.

The Basiclabel website is all about feeling; a feeling of home. It is a platform that wants to inspire in a user-friendly way. That’s why we tested the header, the entrance of the website, through an A/B comparison to get the optimal result. Video can also be used in the header to immediately draw the visitor’s attention to the products.

An important innovation is the integration of elastic search, which makes searching and filtering easier for website visitors. The system is self-learning and offers the right results even when typing errors are made. The system also knows how to deal with translations. Elastic search makes the website as fast as possible. This not only improves the user experience, it is also beneficial for the search engine ranking, and thus for finding Basiclabel.

Product information to really feel the products

When the visitor reaches the searched product page, the website needs to offer a product experience that exceeds expectations. For category pages we therefore link products from the inspiration images to the relevant product page. This way, that fantastic interior by Basiclabel suddenly becomes easy to attain for your own home.

Product pages are able to work with different types of available content. Content that is used more and more these days is video. It allows customers to almost feel the material, experience the color and see the shapes up close. At Basiclabel you can, for example, view many products from all sides with a 360° video. We also produce product videos that place products in a realistic living scene scene and depict them in a lively manner.

When a visitor wants to buy a product, he or she enters the check-out. Here, too, we are offering more and more options, such as various payment methods and payment in instalments. In addition, you can now buy or spend gift cards, both online and in the store. In this way, everyone can easily order at Basiclabel.

Online advertising for the whole customer journey

Moreover, we carry out and continuously optimize Basiclabel’s digital marketing, with an always-on layer, seasonal campaigns and product-specific advertisements. For this, we use a customer data platform. We increase conversion by showing personalized content to customers within the various phases of the customer journey. This is also linked to an e-mail system that allows us to send customers discounts and reminders based on their website behavior.

An example of the campaigns we run is Black Friday, an important day for every retailer, including Basiclabel. That’s why we set up an extensive campaign every year that links up with the different phases in the customer journey. We use display campaigns to inspire the public, we use remarketing to reach interested consumers and we work with search and shopping ads when visitors are ready to convert, such as making a purchase. This results in more visitors, turnover and a better ROAS (return on advertising spend).


Basiclabel in every home

Our ability to put ourselves in the perspective of the end user combined with our expertise on different areas of marketing and platforms come into their own in all branches of Basiclabel. Endeavour has been working with Basiclabel for years on a successful digital marketing strategy.


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