A hero's journey
Told through social content

'The hero's journey' is a universal story structure that has value for every human being. You know it too, from stories like The Lion King, Harry Potter or The Matrix. If you look closely, you will see that all these stories are similar. Their 'Hero's Journey', according to Joseph Campbell, can be divided into 12 phases that recur in each story. Despite this, they never get boring.

A universal construction

In a world of fast content, we at Endeavour believe in meaningful communication and big ideas that start in the mid-funnel. Primarily designed for engagement, rather than reach. "The hero's journey" provided more than enough reason and inspiration to bring extra depth to a creative campaign for HiPRO. 

Danone launched their new product HiPRO in 2021. HiPRO is a dairy product with extra high protein to support muscle recovery for athletes of all levels. The campaign we developed for this was based on "the hero's journey" of three Olympic athletes: sprinter Lieke Klaver, swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo and short tracker Sjinkie Knegt.


A universal construction

Level up

The hero's journey has 12 phases. Four of these phases formed the framework for the campaign concept Level Up. The call for adventure phase, to inspire everyone to get the best out of themselves. This is how we bring the brand promise meaningfully to life. The mentor phase, in which top athletes help the target group to achieve their goals. Road of trials phase, documenting setbacks and victory. And finally, the Reward phase, in which target groups are activated to share their newly achieved achievements with the world. This structure is also found in the storytelling of the first series of brand videos in which the personal stories of the first three top athletes were told in an inspiring way.

Challenge and triumph

In the second series of videos, we delve deeper into the "crisis" phases of our heroes. What are their fears? Where are they challenged? And how do they recover? They tell it themselves, in original voice overs. These authentic, personal films managed to touch and activate the target group in a meaningful way. 

The mentor

In the third phase of the campaign, we turn every athlete into a hero. This part of the campaign is also based on The hero's journey, where various mega-, macro- and micro influencers are used as mentors. Our heroes Lieke, Ranomi and Sjinkie, in addition to countless athletes and influencers, also take on this role in a clinic where they help people personally.

Telling the story

All video content was produced in-house, with shoots at locations such as the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium in Eindhoven, the Thialf skating stadium in Heerenveen and the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. The content was shot smart: all formats and lengths needed to make the most effective use of channels such as Instagram and YouTube were included in a shoot. In addition, the right influencers were selected and integrated into the campaign in order to reach a larger and appropriate target group.


Level up results

The results show that the story of our heroes does not bore us either. The authenticity of this campaign resonated so much that influencers from across the country organically shared content on their personal profiles, including Jade Anna with over 800,000 followers (earned media). Cherry on the f*cking pie. So this campaign is not only a Hero's Journey, but also a success story. 

  • 31.2% market share in launch year

  • Brand awareness in broad target group: 29%

  • > 40% VTR on 50" OLV vs. 10% benchmark

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