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Every company has one, a website. It tells you what a company does, where it is located and how you can contact it. Yet no website is the same. Structure, style, use of colour, text, the variables are endless. So how do you build a good website?

Customisation for target audiences and objectives

A good website starts with the target audience. Everything you can see, do or find on your website should serve the user. In addition, your goals are important, because your website can effectively contribute to them. That is why we always build custom websites, with an eye for you and your company. So whether you want to build an interactive webshop, or update your current website to the expectations of the 21st century, we'll be happy to help.

How can I help my customers to make a conversion?

By mapping out your customer journey, you can discover the right touchpoints.

Research and wireframes

We empathise with the target audience and determine what they need. Together with a UX designer, we then develop the architecture of your website, completely geared to your goals and the needs of your target audience.

Designing and writing

A designer gets to work. He, she or they come up with the use of colour, the style for photos or images, the font, and so on. A copywriter writes the texts, but of course with your input and tone of voice. We also make sure the website is optimised for search engines.

Building and publishing

Now the website really comes to life. Our developers build your website, in Wordpress or Laravel, entirely from handwritten code. With our dev-ops specialists, we make sure the website is launched and becomes accessible to everyone. Hang up the (digital) streamers, your website is ready for use!

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