Go for functional and surprising

When you look at the customer journey of your target audience, you may come to the conclusion that you can make a lot of things easier for them with an app. Think of placing and tracking orders or a personal environment with a loyalty program. Besides functional purposes, it is also a great opportunity to surprise the target audience. Building an application therefore always starts with the target audience.

An application from idea to completion

So start with the target group, what functionalities and information help them progress? What things do they miss on the website or in the shop? And how can you use an app to bind them to your company even more? If you think creatively, dozens of ideas are bound to come up. Then you can look for an application builder, who not only builds, but also thinks along with the possibilities. Endeavour also provides advice on functionalities and design. This way, you can proudly introduce the app to your customers after completion.

How do I create a good online shopping experience?

By building in the right functionalities, you can guide your customers to the right product as easily and as fast as possible.

Digital platform design

A digital platform that offers a special experience brings you closer to the customer than ever. Whether it is a website, e-commerce environment or mobile app, we build digital platforms so that brands and companies can always reach their target groups.


No two websites are the same. Structure, style, use of colour, text, the variables are endless. A good website starts with the target group. Everything that can be seen, done or found on the website must serve the user.

Conversion optimisation

How often or how much people click on a call to action in an app, on your website or in your newsletter, is influenced by all kinds of factors. With conversion optimisation, you search for the optimal conditions for conversion.

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