Creative director Roeland tells about the M100 and Advertisingagency100

Group Creative Director Roeland de Jong was nominated for the Media100 and was allowed to take no. 94 on the Advertisingagency100. How does he feel about that? "When you are influential, it also gives you a certain responsibility. Are you also doing something good with that influence?"

Digital-only campaign HiPRO receives an Effie

On Tuesday evening, 8 November, the Effies were awarded. Danone received a bronze Effie for the launch campaign of its HiPRO label. The campaign proves that mass media such as television can be overtaken by digital-only media when used creatively from strong strategic insight.

It was on our wishlist: FONK150 Best Agencies of the Year!

Yes, there we are: in the FONK150 Best Agencies! This agency list reflects the agencies with the most satisfied clients in the Netherlands. How cool that we have been included in this list!

A lovie award in the pocket!

AMAAAAAAAAAZING! Today, our case for Danone HiPRO was awarded a Lovie in the Advertising: Health, Wellness & Pharmaceutical category!

Events in the industry: to go or not to go?

What if you lose half of your team because they found another job at an industry event?! Read along for out advice!

7 SEO tips for YouTube

How do you optimize your YouTube videos for better positions in search results? In this post, we share some tips to improve your ranking on YouTube and get more eyes on your content. Have fun optimizing!

Endeavour Fuck-up stories: how do you almost 'wreck' a campaign? 

"Oh wow, we fucked up big time!" Making mistakes (flatly put: fucking up) is only human but it's not something we like to talk about. Yet it is often by far the best way to learn something. That is why in this blog series we share our fuck-ups with you. This time, a fuck-up with a hefty price tag attached.

We are an FD Gazelle 2022! Here's what we think

For the nineteenth time, Het Financieele Dagblad is organising the FD Gazellen 2022: the awards for the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. Endeavour is an FD Gazelle 2022!

Endeavour Fuck-up Stories: We don’t do paper but maybe we should have

"Wow, we really screwed up!" It's a phrase most companies would rather not say out loud. Although making mistakes is something completely normal, we generally don't like to talk about it. That’s a shame because making mistakes (flatly put: fucking up) is the best way to learn. That is why, in this blog series, we share our fuck-ups with you. And of course, we also tell you what we learned from them so that you might avoid these mistakes. We kick off with our first and oldest fuck-up.

A bronze Grand Prix Content Marketing Award!

Last night, 4 October, was the day: the presentation of the Grand Prix Content Marketing Awards. With several nominations under their belt, the teams involved took their seats at the awards show. Read along to discover if you took any awards home that night!

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