Platform for Super Soco

With a new brand book under its belt, Super Soco, one of the best-known electric scooter brands in the Netherlands, knocked on Endeavour’s door. Their question? A new platform where consumers can buy or lease e-scooters. Endeavour developed a platform with a new, professional and smooth Shopify integration to meet that demand.

Complicated calculations in the background

The new platform of Super Soco had to contain a number of functionalities. One of which being the possibility to show different types of models for consumers to choose from when they want to purchase or lease an e-scooter. In addition, the style of their brand new brand book had to be maintained.

Therefore, we hooked up different disciplines to the project. UX design and visual design worked together on wireframes and designs which were then recreated by front and back-end development.

Automatisation with a symphony

Lease applications can now also be made in the new webshop. The calculation of the lease costs is influenced by many different factors, which is why a custom module was built for this. Based on the Symphony framework, lease prices can now automatically be calculated. The system takes into account factors such as the chosen model, duration, mileage range and age of the applicant.

The user’s experience is not interrupted when opening this module. The design of the Shopify environment has been extended into the module.

Moreover, employees of Super Soco can also access the system for themselves and, for example, view the number of applications, check documents and approve or reject applications. Allowing the whole process to take place in one system. Since, Super Soco has a number of sister companies, the module has been specially designed for an easy and quick roll-out to other countries or brands.


Super Soco super fast

During the development of the platform, we applied progressive enhancement with a mobile first approach. All functionalities were therefore first built up for mobile screens and then enhanced with details in design. This way, it is always possible to make a lease request, even when parts of the platform load incompletely or not at all, for example due to a slow internet connection.


Moving in

When a customer starts using a new platform, a smooth transition from old to new is very important. For Super Soco this meant that we also did a smooth SEO migration. With a good 0-measurement we now know the state of the current site. Super Soco is now successfully using their new webshop with a tailor-made lease module, both entirely in the style of the brand.

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