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If you have an idea that’s completely new, obviously it’s super cool. A niche in the market. Of course, you then want to share that idea with as many people as possible. But how do you make sure people will get your idea and like it as much as you do? That requires a good story. And that, in turn, requires a good copywriter.

A revolutionary new perspective on work

The founder of SecondJob approached us to help him build an online platform that on the one hand functions as a job board and a place where employers and jobseekers meet, and on the other hand inspires people to look at ‘work’ with a new perspective. In fact, he wanted to turn the labour market completely upside down and create a society where work is fun and accessible for everyone. Where employers and employees value each other for their business and personal qualities. In which success is something you don’t have to work full-time for one boss and be promoted every year. That supply and demand does not always mean that one person fits one vacancy perfectly. SecondJob had to become a guide for everyone who wants to be part of a revolutionary new way of working.

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A clear message and a good story

Our copywriters faced a challenge. A job board in itself is nothing new, but in this case the task was much more than just matching jobseekers with the right employer. We had to engage these two target groups in a whole new way of thinking. To reach as many people as possible, we split the message into three parts:

  • a strong campaign in text and images on radio, billboards and ads;
  • a comprehensive explanation of the message on the website;
  • supporting social posts to reach the two target groups on a personal level.


For the first part, we came up with the campaign titles ‘Job-breaking work’ (for jobseekers) and ‘Job-breaking recruitment’ (for employers). This text made it immediately clear that SecondJob wants to break with the traditional way of working. Then we made sure that the website and especially the blogs elaborated on the idea behind the platform. The story, the motivation and the goal were clearly underpinned, always challenging the reader to adopt this new view of work and to do things differently from now on. In the social posts, the main goal was to arouse curiosity. Provocative statements and texts that directly challenge all conventional assumptions about work invite the reader to take a look at the platform.

One year later…

So putting down a new concept and a new brand intelligibly is no easy task. We are therefore incredibly proud that one year later, the media has regularly approached SecondJob and mentioned it in articles and broadcasts on job market-related topics. That more than 230,000 people have visited the platform. And that over 130 companies (including some very big brands) have posted their vacancies directly on SecondJob.nl. It shows how powerful a good story can be. Endeavour can help you bring out that story in the right tone of voice to reach and touch the world.


Edwin Schaap

Founder SecondJob

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