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Concept, video

Knab is the online bank with humanlike service. We therefore gave the “Get off your couch” concept a creative interpretation that combines real life with a digital world. The resulting campaign is not only surreal but also manages to get the message across to different target groups.


The entrepreneurial Dutchman is Knab’s largest target group. These can be real entrepreneurs, but they are also private individuals who are not stuck on their couches. With a crossover campaign, Knab wants to persuade this target group to switch to Knab.

Knab had already worked with the “Get off your couch” concept before. However, with a new visualisation, we blew new life into this campaign. We created the world of knab, full of bright colours in the brand’s house style. With changing attributes and a transition in colour use, we visualised the switch as a real party.


Video and influencers as campaign drivers

Switching banks is not something you do on a whim. So high-quality content was a must for this campaign. We worked with videos, driven by digital marketing. Endeavour performed the shoot using green screen. By working out assets and deliverables in advance, all required images and formats were shot in a smart production. This means that all social content and campaigns with corresponding specs are shot in one shoot.

This created enough material for a proper A/B/C test. The results speak for themselves. With a click-through ratio of 0.52% we can call the video campaign a success.

In addition, influencers start working for Knab. Four influencers from different segments were selected for this campaign, all with their own business, financial expertise or knowledge. By working specifically with these influencers, we reached the right target group. This was reflected in over 113,000 impressions with an average engagement rate of no less than 14%.

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