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Are you looking for the perfect front- or backend developer? And would you rather avoid a long and uncertain recruitment process? Hire your development professional through Endeavour Heroes and enjoy the flexibility of a freelancer, without the costly hour rates. Contact us or visit our website (endeavourheroes.nl) for more information about the heroes, options and rates.

Plug and play web developers

What kind of hero fits your goals and organization? Would you prefer a fixed or a flexible solution? Meet one or more heroes that match your needs and choose your hero. We keep in close contact to make sure everything goes smoothly. Once a month, all heroes attend a training day to stay up to date with the latest tools and techniques. If necessary, your hero can consult one of Endeavour’s many senior marketing specialists.

Who can support my marketing team?

At Heroes, you will find all-round online marketers, content marketers and online advertising specialists with their own subspecialties to help you advance your marketing.

Frontend developers

Endeavour Heroes cherry picks the most talented developers at the start of a promising career. Meet and choose your perfect match and we will train your frontend developer to meet all your organisation's requirements.

Backend developers

Endeavour trains and coaches starting and junior developers to perfectly match your development team. Save time and money on recruitment and training processes and find your backend developer at Endeavour Heroes.

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