Employer branding

Attractive on the job market

Competition on the job market can be fierce. Attracting new staff and retaining current staff are then of great importance to keep your company afloat or to grow. In addition to good employment conditions or flexible working hours, you can use employer branding to attract and retain staff. Employer branding specifically highlights the strengths of your company to employees. This can be done with a campaign or with always-on communication.

Employer branding as a business case

Whereas in the past employees stayed with one employer for decades, nowadays employees change employers much more frequently. This is often advantageous for the employee, but for employers it means that personnel are an increasingly significant cost item. Good employer branding not only attracts more new employees, making the recruitment process easier, it also ensures loyalty.

How can I use content smartly for my brand?

With a strong content strategy and a rhythm in producing content, you remain constantly relevant to your target group.

Positioning and branding

Strong positioning and branding are important in the job market as well, in order to create recognition and to send out a clear message to (potential) employees. By distinguishing yourself in the market you can have just that little edge in the battle for talent.

Digital advertising

Nowadays, you can attract new staff entirely online. By advertising on LinkedIn or in search engines, for example, your vacancy comes into the applicant's picture. In this way you can easily reach the applicants you are looking for.

Influencer marketing

With influencer marketing we usually think of campaigns aimed at consumers. But with Thought Leaders you can also make B2B use of influencers, for example to attract new staff.

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