Texts that are read

When people think of copywriting, they think of long texts that are hard to read. After all, who reads anymore? But copywriting is more than that. Think of texts under social media messages, news articles, blogs or whitepapers. All of these media are read, provided they are well written of course.

Part of branding

When you communicate as a brand to your target audience by means of text, there are a number of things that are important. Of course, it's obvious that there should be no spelling mistakes. But in addition, a strong tone of voice that suits your brand is of great importance. By choosing one tone of voice and applying it consistently in all your written communication, copy strengthens the brand. Finally, the choice of medium is decisive for the result. You can tell more in a blog than in a social media post. Endeavour has the knowledge to choose the right means and the expertise to create it.

How can I reach my objectives with influencer marketing?

Authentic influencers can reach your target group, inspire and activate them.

Content marketing

With content marketing you stay constantly relevant to your target audience. A lot of content is supported with or consists of copywriting. The right content strategy depends on your target group and goals.

Social media

Every message on your timeline is accompanied by a piece of text. What you put there exactly can determine the success of your post. Are you using the right hashtags, for example? And the right tone of voice? And is there a call to action?

Email marketing

If you want to be able to reach your target group more often, email marketing is a good tool. But which email converts best? By testing with subject lines and call to actions, you can increase conversion through text.

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