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Constantly relevant to the target audience

Content comes in all shapes and sizes, from video to blogs. All these types of content can be used to reach your target audience, to touch them and to achieve your business goals. A good content strategy is the basis. In a content strategy you determine what message you want to tell, which means are best suited and which channel is most suitable. This way, you work step by step towards content that achieves the objectives.

From strategy to production

Once you have worked out your content strategy, you can move on to production. Maybe you're going to work with video, then you start thinking about the script and the images you want to show. If you're going to work with a white paper, you obviously need to have it written and designed. Content production takes a tremendous amount of time, which is why it's forgotten about by many companies. Yet consumers expect content from every company, always-on, mainly in the form of social media posts.

How do I write texts that my target group will actually read?

By using the right tone of voice and thinking carefully about the message, texts are better read.

Social Media

Consumers expect companies to be on social media. With the right content, you can effectively use social media to increase brand awareness, achieve higher engagement from your target audience, generate conversions or ensure loyalty.


Writing really good copy is a profession in itself. A social media message can gain more reach when the text underneath is well written and hits the right note. But also a white paper or blog will be read better when a copywriter writes it.


The most viewed content is generally video. Even algorithms favour video. Yet how often a video is viewed differs per video. Especially on social media the first few seconds are crucial, but also after that the video needs to hold the viewer's attention.

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