Meet Customer Data Platform Squeezely

On the software front, a dream came true: with a Customer Data Platform (CDP), such as Squeezely, you can get a handle on the entire customer journey and personalize it in real time. Hello relevant content! Personalization may seem like a buzzword, but today it is an absolute necessity. A CDP helps companies embrace personalization like a second skin. And the best part is: this advanced software solution integrates seamlessly with your other systems.

Personalization with a capital P

With a CDP like Squeezely you ensure that the content on every channel is perfectly attuned to your target group. As a retailer you know how important it is to make accurate product recommendations. Squeezely takes this to the next level by using special filters to make suggestions at product level and at every stage of the purchase journey. You may not like change, but irrelevance will make you like it even less. Make sure every touchpoint is as relevant to the visitor as possible!

In addition, Squeezely not only allows you to personalize the purchase journey for your customers but also to fully customize the tool itself. For example, you put every piece of the puzzle neatly in place with the Drag & Drop Journey Builder. You get full control with a user-friendly interface as the icing on the cake. Where most CDP's provide you with a ready-made solution, Squeezely sets this aside and serves you the freshest ingredients to configure the tool to your liking. 

Does this sound like music to your ears too?

  • Offer the perfect hyper-personalized customer experience at every touchpoint
  • Create 360-degree customer profiles based on your own data
  • Build in smart cross-sells, whether it's through email, your website or ads
  • Have all your systems work together seamlessly from one central location: like the conductor of an orchestra
  • Set up real time experiments for scaling: average 10% revenue growth in the first year

Endeavour and Squeezely

Of course, you don't have to do it alone. Both Endeavour and Squeezely are there for you and will help you where needed. Secretly, we really like investigating data and integrating systems. Endeavour is an experienced partner when it comes to CDPs. Why do we like working with Squeezely? This CDP offers us marketers many possibilities that make us very happy. Not only the customer journey can be fully personalized, but we can also add our own flavor to the tool itself. This way it seamlessly connects to our needs and those of our customers!

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