6 digital agencies join forces under one name: Endeavour

Until recently, digital agency Endeavour had several agencies under its name: influencer agency 3sixtyfive, online marketing agency DBOM, website and app development agencys PXL.widgets and Brewwwers and strategy and campaign adivsor Strategy & Concepts. From now on these names will no longer be used, as the six different agencies are continuing together as one, under the name Endeavour.

The new name is not the only change within the company, which has over 175 specialists under its roof. "We see more and more companies wanting to accelerate online, because that is where their customers can be reached better than ever," says Mike van der Wallen, founding partner and Executive Director at Endeavour. "Digital marketing and the strategy behind it is still a challenge for many companies, whether it's about always-on content, online advertising campaigns or building and maintaining a good website. In order to be able to react quickly to customer demands, clients are looking for an all-in-one sollution. Endeavour houses all the knowledge and skills they need. That is why we think now is the time to position ourselves more strongly in this area." 

Left: Matthijs van Schendelen, founding partner and Commercial Director

Right: Mike van der Wallen, founding partner and Executive Director

Four pillars for different services

The various companies, including 3sixtyfive, DBOM and PXL.widgets, are now linked to four pillars within Endeavour. Content is about content strategy and creation, Platforms stands for the development of websites and apps, and customers can work on expanding their business with Growth. The fourth pillar stands for In-housing, where marketing and development specialists are trained internally and outsourced to many different clients. Endeavour works with these various pillars for clients like Danone, Toyota, Unicef, KNVB and DAS.

Orchestrated digital marketing

All these changes serve just one goal: orchestrated digital marketing. Matthijs van Schendelen, founding partner and Commercial Director explains: "It means that all online resources of a company, from strategy to social post, work together and interact." To help companies manage this, Endeavour also offers a strategic branch. Here, large and small companies can start their digital transition. In a continuous process, the agency, in close cooperation with the client, maps out the target group, works out the customer journey and formulates a strong positioning. This positioning is then creatively translated into a concept, which forms the basis for all online resources. Matthijs: "This is what today's end-customer wants and what all our founders work towards together with our clients."

Joint photo of the founding partners. Standing from left to right: Dennis Cheung, Martijn Berns, Martijn van Royen, Herwin van den Berg, Matthijs Kruijer, John Meulemans, Berrit Blok en Neville Artens. On the couch from left to right: Duncan Borsboom, Matthijs van Schendelen, Mike van der Wallen en Bas Moreu.


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Matthijs van Schendelen

Commercial Director & Founder

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