Online marketing vs content marketing: What is the difference?

Despite the fact that we have been working with them for years, the services ‘online marketing’ and ‘content marketing’ are still regularly confused. The terms may look similar, but they are two completely different forms of marketing. Even in job advertisements, the tasks of an online marketer and a content marketer are often mixed up. Make sure you stand out from the rest and know the difference between the two. Read on!


The definitions 

We map out the difference between online marketing and content marketing by first looking at the definitions of the two forms of marketing.


What is online marketing? 

Online marketing is in short ‘the marketing of a product or service through the Internet’. Online marketing is also used to build or increase brand awareness and to strengthen customer loyalty. There are therefore many different forms of online marketing, such as e-mail marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), social media marketing and mobile marketing. All these forms of online marketing are aimed at promoting a product or service via the Internet.


What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is, as the name suggests, about content. It is a form of online marketing in which you create and spread content in order to build a lasting relationship with your target group. You do this by bringing the target group in touch with the right content at the right moments. By confronting your audience with relevant content during various phases of the customer journey, they will be the first to remember you when they reach the decision stage. Content marketers often use storytelling to reinforce the message. Storytelling means explaining your message in story form. This is not only more enjoyable to read, it also makes a better impression on the reader than a story full of facts and figures. In this way, you ensure a lasting relationship with the client.

Of course, Endeavour is the right partner for professional content marketing. See our services page ‘content’ for more information.


The range of tasks

We now know what the definition of the two forms of marketing is, but how does the range of tasks of an online marketeer differ from those of a content marketeer?

What does an online marketeer do?

An online marketeer is mainly responsible for relevant traffic and good conversion on your website. In doing so, he uses search engine optimisation (SEO), advertising in search engines (SEA), display advertising, social advertising and mobile marketing, for example. An online marketer also uses these tools to generate more brand awareness. In addition, he develops online strategies and keeps an eye on reports in Google Analytics to see whether the predetermined objectives are actually being achieved.

What does a content marketer do? 

A content marketer first develops a content strategy. This strategy contains among others the target group you want to reach, the different kinds of content and the message you want to convey. He or she also looks at the goal of the strategy. The content marketer then works out a content calendar. We fill this with, for example, SEO blogs, monthly newsletters, social posts, whitepapers or the creation of cornerstone content.

Are you curious what else you can do to reach your target group and to grow your brand? Then read our other blogs too.


Stronger together 

So we can say that online marketing and content marketing are two completely different sports. Yet the two go hand in hand. At Endeavour the content marketers combine their creativity with the specialist knowledge of the online marketers. This way we offer the desired combination of SEO and creativity for everyone. Are you curious what we can do for you? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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