3 reasons to use native ads for your B2B online marketing strategy

August 17, 2023

Let me jump right in and reveal a big secret: native ads are the secret weapon to take your B2B online marketing strategy to the next level. As a B2B marketer, life is not all roses. After all, you are responsible for generating quality leads with (usually) small budgets. You are constantly being harassed by the sales team as to why the leads are not generated. Therefore, it is essential to use the right techniques to effectively reach your target audience. But why should companies include native ads in their B2B online marketing strategy? I’m going to explain that to you in detail using the following three reasons, namely: increased trust and improved brand perception, better user experience and targeted audience targeting.

What are native ads?

Native ads are ads designed to blend seamlessly with the content of the website on which they are displayed. They feel less intrusive than traditional banner ads, making it more likely that users will view and interact with them. In fact, people have become accustomed to ignoring traditional banner ads, a phenomenon also known as “banner blindness.

Which banner would you be more likely to click on?

“B2B audiences tend to be niche, meaning they usually consist of a smaller, narrowly defined audience compared to B2C markets.”

Targeted audience targeting through native ads

One of the biggest advantages of native ads in B2B online marketing is the ability to target a specific audience. Because native ads are often displayed based on user behavior and preferences, companies can target their ads to those most likely to be interested in their products or services. As a seasoned B2B marketer, you obviously know that B2B audiences tend to be niche, meaning they usually consist of a smaller, narrowly defined audience compared to B2C markets. This is because products or services are often sold to companies in specific industries or to companies of a certain size. Moreover, purchase decisions are often more complex and based on the needs of multiple stakeholders in a company. Fortunately, native advertising makes it relatively easy to reach these audiences. For example, through the DPG network, it is possible to reach sole proprietors, self-employed entrepreneurs or business deciders, for example. In addition, Outbrain also has a wide selection of B2B target groups that you can deploy.

One of the best known and largest networks is Outbrain and offers ad space through Telegraaf (Mediahuis).

Greater trust through native ads

Native ads can also contribute to brand recognition and trust.They allow advertisers to deliver valuable and relevant content, instead of overwhelming them with intrusive ads.As we discussed earlier, the customer journey in the B2B world is complex.Therefore, in B2B marketing, it is crucial to engage your target audiences with tailored messages based on a content marketing funnel, such as ToFU (top-of-funnel), MoFU (middle-of-funnel) and BoFU (bottom-of-funnel).Native ads are ideally suited to push content marketing.For example, in the ToFU phase, you might choose to create an infographic and set up a native ad for it.Then, in the MoFU phase, you can push out a white paper or a microblog through a native ad. Finally, a case study or a testimonial would be perfect for the BoFU phase. In turn, this funnel can improve brand perception and create a positive association between the brand and the content.

Better user experience through native ads

According to Outbrain, 25% more people watch a native ad and there is an 18% increase in purchase intent. In addition, people are twice as likely to recognize the brand when they have seen a native ad. So why is that really? Because native ads contribute to a better user experience.Because they integrate seamlessly into a website’s content, they feel more natural and do not disrupt the user experience.While native ads offer many benefits, it is important to use them in the right way.They should be relevant and valuable to the target audience, and they should match the style and tone of the website or platform on which they are displayed.Otherwise, they can negatively impact the user experience and damage trust in the brand.You may not want your native ad to accompany a news story about the war in Ukraine.

Getting started with native ads

In summary, native ads are an effective tool within B2B online marketing that helps companies reach their target audience in a less intrusive way, increase brand recognition and trust, and provide a better user experience. With the right approach and strategy, native ads can have a significant impact on your B2B online marketing efforts.

Jim Colin

Jim Colin

Digital Marketing Specialist

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