Conversational Marketing

Get in touch with your customer more easily

These days, when customers want to reach you, they expect to be able to do so, no matter how busy your customer service is at the time and well beyond business hours, such as evenings and weekends. Conversational marketing makes it easier to meet these growing demands because it allows you to use live chat, a chat bot, or voice assistants to reach your customers faster.

Implementing conversational marketing

You can see conversational marketing as a part of your customer service because it is about customer contact. However, it is also partly marketing, because by responding to customers quickly, you can help them find the right product before a purchase. In this way, you also increase conversion. When you start using conversational marketing, the main thing is that it has to work well and hit the right tone. After all, no customer is happy with a bot that does not understand the conversation or does not fit the brand. So with the right tools and implementation partner, like us, conversational is a great addition to your marketing mix.

How do I make conversion easier for my customers?

By testing and applying the results, you create the optimal conditions for conversion.

Positioning and branding

How would your brand sound, talk or write? When you start working with conversational marketing, these questions naturally arise. With the right positioning and branding, you ensure that your brand connects with your target group.

Customer journey

With conversational marketing, you extend the customer experience with a whole new component. But has the customer journey also been optimised? By looking closely at your target audience, you will discover how you can serve them even better.

UX optimisation

When a website, app or e-commerce environment does not convert well, this may be due to the user-friendliness of the tool. By looking at the UX, the user experience, and optimising it, you make it easier for customers to buy, download or perform another action.

Matthijs Van Schendelen

Founding Partner at Endeavour

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