Conversational Marketing

These days, when customers want to reach you, they expect to be able to do so, no matter how busy your customer service is at the time and well beyond business hours, such as evenings and weekends. Conversational marketing makes it easier to meet these growing demands because it allows you to use live chat, a chat bot, or voice assistants to reach your customers faster.

Conversion optimisation

On your website, in your newsletter or on social media, you can use a call to action that urges your target audience to perform an action. Clicking a button to order or opening a link to an e-mail are examples of a conversion. How often or how much people click on a button is influenced by many factors, such as the colour of the button, the text it contains, but also what happens around it on the screen. With conversion optimisation, also known as Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO, you look for the optimal conditions for conversion.

Data intelligence

Okay we might be lying, not with just one click of a button. But with data intelligence you can advertise smarter. With the help of algorithms, a marketing system learns continuously with data from the campaign and optimizes the expressions that are still shown.

Digital advertising, marketing & media

You want to be the first search result in Google Shopping, catch your target group using banners on news sites or showcase your company using video advertising. Your marketing budget is at its best when you have knowledge of purchasing and monitoring digital campaigns.

Email marketing

Almost everyone gets them every day: emails from a company. These emails are usually conversion oriented, but they are also often used for customer loyalty or service, for example when a company asks your opinion about a product you bought. Email marketing is more than just an occasional mailshot. It is a plan to stay in constant contact, to get as much as possible out of your target audience and to keep them as satisfied as possible.

Growth strategy

If you want your company to grow, you need a growth strategy. This includes all activities that you will deploy to, for example, increase turnover, increase profit or improve brand awareness. Growth is different for every company, which is why every growth strategy is different too. Which resources fit your objectives and strategy, is therefore truly customised.

Inbound marketing

Many B2B organisations that want to grow, struggle with the same problem: the lack of qualitative leads. Inbound marketing helps you with this. The inbound strategy is all about connecting with the buying journey of your potential customer. As a trusted advisor, we answer the questions and uncertainties that potential customers have. This is how we help them buy.

Programmatic buying

When you run an online campaign, you purchase advertising space from various parties, such as Google or Facebook. People then see your ad and can interact with it. Seeing your ad is an impression. But whether your ad is relevant for the viewer, is decisive for the result of your campaign.


Picking tonight's restaurant, buying a new hoover or booking tickets to the zoo; almost everything we do starts with an online search. It is therefore useful if your website is at the top of search engine results when someone is looking for a product or service that you offer. You can do this with search engine optimization.

Matthijs Van Schendelen

Founding Partner at Endeavour

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