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Endeavour - The Digital Marketing Group - launches new identity: A tribute to gaming.


Look around, notice the landscape.

The landscape represents the strategic market a brand operates in and desires to claim share of mind. This defines the starting point for audience definitions and user-centric design thinking. By understanding the audiences' informative, functional and emotional needs, brands establish the opportunity to become highly relevant and add meaningful value, Do you think product- or user-centric?


Elements that distinguish.

With the landscape demystified, brands can decide how they wish to position themselves in the strategic market. This decision, in essence one of the most important ones to make, is based on distinguishable elements. The key process is to bring a longlist of unique benefits down to a maximum of 4 brand selling points that can be explained with practical benefits for audiences. The competition won't be forgotten in the process of defining brand positioning as their weak spots provide valuable strategic insight. Which choices do you make?


Ventilate your story.

Important choices were made. The brand strategy and guidelines are delivered in a story that defines the road to future success. The brandstory also determines the required content to tell it to the world and activate audiences to spread the word. A brandstory is intrinsic; it comes from the heart and soul of the organisation and should challenge you in about everything. The people, the mindset and your strategic direction. What's your brandstory?


Effect that lasts.

Before you start with spreading your story we capture it in a Brand Key. Because it is important that every piece of communication is consistent and a logical sequel. What you express, how you express it and show it to earlier defined target audiences defines how people 'experience' the brand increasing brand equity and to what extend sustainable consumer relationships can be nurtured.


Life journey.

Now it's time to deliver the best brand experience, making sure that audiences feel positive about any of their interactions with your brand. Many companies invested in drawing their customer journeys to optimise sales and service processes. But, to truly kickstart and nurture deep relationships with audiences it is important to walk the extra mile. Do you know how to walk the extra mile?

Are you ready?

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+31 (0)023 727 1077
Come check out our historic gaming collection.