UX optimization

Make it easy for your target group

When a website, app or e-commerce environment does not convert well, it may be due to the user friendliness of the tool. Maybe the order button is hard to find or the menu is not logically organized. If so, your visitors are dropping out and you're not selling as much as you could be. By looking at the UX, the user experience, and optimizing it, you make it easier for customers to convert.

A pair of fresh eyes

By looking at the platform from the user's perspective with fresh eyes, you'll see new things. Perhaps information or functionality is missing from products, if you look at them again without the knowledge you have. Endeavour's UX designers empathize with the target group and then provide concrete points for improvement. We can also develop a new platform from idea to construction, entirely with optimal UX design.

How can I seek interaction with my target group?

With an activation, you wake up the target group and increase engagement.


A website is no longer an easy task in this digital age. Users are becoming more and more demanding. Your website should not only be technically sound, your visitors also expect an easy and surprising experience.


An app can have all kinds of purposes. It can function as a customer loyalty program, but it can also be an ordering environment. The purpose of the app and the way it is set up are very important for its success.


Dozens of categories with hundreds of products: e-commerce is becoming increasingly easy and extensive. To display all your products properly and make them findable, you need an e-commerce environment that can handle it.

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