Positioning and branding

Building a strong brand

When you hear the term "a strong brand", a lot of names are bound to come to mind. Big players with a clear message and matching communication tools. That's exactly what positioning and branding is. If you want to build a strong brand yourself, start with the question: what is the core of our brand? Once you have defined that, you can bring that message to life in matching branding.

Getting to the core

Choosing your positioning and designing your branding are not small tasks. They are the foundation of a successful business. The right positioning doesn't just come from the core of your business. You also need to look at the market - what void can the brand fill? In addition, the target market is also important. What are they looking for in a company like yours? Once the positioning is on paper, matching branding is crucial. If all goes well, it will carry the same atmosphere as your positioning.

How do I ensure that my customers feel understood?

By thinking from the customer's needs, you create a user-friendly experience.


With the help of various workshops, Endeavour likes to think along about the core of the brand or company. By researching the market together and identifying opportunities, we formulate a practical positioning that you can even start working with yourself.


If you have come up with a strong positioning, the next step is to propagate it. That starts with your branding. From name and logo to colour and font, at Endeavour we develop all aspects of branding.


When your positioning and branding are complete, you can start using them in campaigns. Campaigns can have different goals, from brand awareness to higher sales. Still, your positioning and branding come back in every campaign.

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