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Branding starts digital, because almost everyone spends a lot of time online these days. But digital goes beyond your smartphone. Think of digital out of home screens, but also radio and television are digital nowadays. Campaigning is therefore almost impossible without digital means and in many cases always-on.

From concept to execution

Your campaign starts with your briefing. We look at the target audiences and devise a concept that creates a lasting connection between people and brands. Then we think about the execution. What resources are we going to use? From design to video, Instagram filters and TikTok dances, we can produce everything in-house.

How can I connect with my target group digitally?

By translating your brand into a virtual experience, you can always be reached by your target group.

Case: DAS

DAS is the helping hand for any legal problem. But customers can be deterred from asking for that help. The new strategic positioning "DAS, masters in legal help" became the slogan we spread through television, radio, print and digital campaigns. And with results: brand awareness and brand trust increased among both the existing and the new, younger target group.

Case: Trust

IRIS, Trust's new conference call camera, ensures that everyone is clearly visible and understandable during video calls. With how-to videos, a commercial made for digital and digital media, we showed the B2B world what IRIS has to offer.

Case: Dutch Nutrition Center

Commissioned by the Dutch Nutrition Centre, we developed a campaign to activate men to eat less meat. Men in cool t-shirts with funny copy were the campaign image and with a group of influencers we brought the message further. Within no time the media picked up on it and there was a discussion in the magazines and on television about whether you could 'take away the man's meat'.

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