Brand activation

Wake up your target group

As a brand you can send a message to your target audience through communication. But by using an activation you can also seek interaction with them. This will increase your engagement and strengthen your brand. Depending on your goals, an activation can be online, offline, or both. Online, you can think of social activities with games or giveaways. Offline, you can think of product sampling at locations where your target group can be found. When combining the two, it is important that they reinforce each other.

An activation that attracts attention

Activations are most successful when they attract attention. For example, because the action is playful or touches on a special subject. But first and foremost: an activation has to fit your brand, because only then you will touch the right target audience. Devising and implementing an activation requires creativity, knowledge of the brand and knowledge of the target audience. Getting those three to come together results in an activation that connects your target audience with your brand.

How do I run a strong digital campaign that achieves its objectives?

Digital tools go beyond your mobile. By using them cleverly, you can reach your target groups.


By capturing an activation in a video, you can increase your reach and bring more people into the story. It is important not only to capture the essence of the activation, but also to use the reactions of the target audience.


An activation in cooperation with a campaign is a good way to increase involvement and brand awareness. Use them together so they can strengthen each other and to get more out of your marketing budget.

Employer branding

As an employer it is important that you are attractive to new staff. With employer branding you strengthen your position on the labor market. This can be done with a campaign, activation or both. A nice side effect, with creative activations you also remain relevant for current staff.

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