Inbound recruitment - the new standard in recruitment

The costs of bringing in talent are rising rapidly, partly due to an increasing dependence on external recruitment agencies. The consequence of filling vacancies too late: inhibition of business results. n this blog you can read how to get your recruitment in order so that attracting staff is no longer the bottleneck to your growth ambitions. 

What are virtual influencers and how do brands deploy them?

Masses of people follow virtual influencers and the accounts generate a lot of engagement. Is this the future knocking on the door? Read all about it in this blog!

Everything you need to know about Customer Data Platforms as a B2B marketer

In B2C marketing, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have become an integral part of the MarTech landscape. Traditionally, B2B organizations have been a bit more reluctant to embrace new marketing technologies. That's why in this article we share everything you need to know as a B2B marketer to determine if a CDP will add value for your organization.

Improve your customer journey

The customer journey is the 'journey' the customer takes: from the first contact with your company until after the purchase of the product or service. How do you organise such a customer journey? Read it here!

What are influencer incubator programs?

Influencer marketing is serious business. And we mean literal business. There are companies in China that make influencers. Read more about this multi-billion dollar industry here.

4 examples of empathetic content creation

By showing empathy and emotion, you awaken a sense of recognition in your target audience. Read about 4 examples of empathetic content here.

How to use Google Smart Shopping the correct way

Google Smart Shopping has been around for a while now and has gone through some changes. Unfortunately, we see that this handy feature of Google Ads is still far too often used incorrectly. With our tips you can get the most out of Smart Shopping. Read more.

Genuinfluencers are the new generation in the influencer marketing landscape

We're hearing the word "genuinfluencer" thrown around more and more. Even though it's a real tongue twister. Because the influencer of tomorrow is not there to persuade you to buy stuff. No. The influencer of tomorrow is there to give you good ideas and promote the truth. Read more about this new guard of influencers.

Google Tag Manager and gtag.js - this is how you do it!

Can GTM and gtag.js run side by side in harmony without causing duplicate measurements? They certainly can! Read how to set this up correctly in this blog.

How do you find the best e-commerce marketing mix for your webshop?

How do you get more out of your webshop with e-commerce marketing? A question that occupies many a web shop owner and e-commerce manager. As your shop is unique, so is the marketing path you must follow to be successful. That's why this time we have an article about which marketing mix you can use best for your unique webshop. Read more!

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