These five nominations really taste like more!

We are busy expanding our (digital) trophy cabinet! Endeavour has been nominated for The Lovie Awards and the Grand Prix Content Marketing. As an agency, we are proud that a professional jury appreciates our work, but we would also like to know your opinion! Check which cases might get us silverware.

Endeavour has it: the first hallmark for Dutch online marketing agencies

NVM, Bouwgarant, Bovag: they have all become terms that stand for the quality of estate agents, contractors and car dealers and repairers. Because when you are buying or renovating a house (or a car) you can use a bit of security. That still stands when you outsource your digital marketing.

6 reasons to start programmatic advertising now

Here you can read everything you need to know about programmatic advertising. We'll look at two common systems for display advertising and dive into their extensive capabilities and differences. We help you determine when to choose programmatic or the traditional Google Display Network (GDN). Read along!

Practical guide for marketers: cookies and tracking

The cookies and tracking landscape has changed significantly. As a marketer, how do you keep track of all this? Get up to speed by reading our blog!

How performance branding boosts your brand awareness

More and more budget is being allocated to targeted performance marketing: anything to get consumers deeper into the funnel. But how do you get them there in the first place? We're talking brand awareness! You have to start somewhere in facilitating a purchase. Performance branding is the way to go. Read here the why, how and what of performance branding.

How to build accessible websites for the visually impaired

We share 3 practical tips to make your website accessibele for everyone. And it also improves your SEO!

What does it cost to have a website made?

Often you don't know in advance how long a software project will take or what it will cost. In this blog, we'll discuss budgeting for software projects and how to do it the right way. So what does a website cost? Read along!

No buyers, but builders: Endeavour takes over Create

Endeavour took over development agency Create, not for profit but because the cultures fit well together.

Measure the impact of your written content

Do you often write SEO-proof texts? Then make sure to measure important metrics, so you can keep improving. We will tell you which metrics are important to look at.

Endeavour staff goes to jail

From designer or copywriter to cell dweller, a number of colleagues at digital agency Endeavour didn't see that coming.

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