Endeavour Fuck-up Stories: We don’t do paper but maybe we should have

"Wow, we really screwed up!" It's a phrase most companies would rather not say out loud. Although making mistakes is something completely normal, we generally don't like to talk about it. That’s a shame because making mistakes (flatly put: fucking up) is the best way to learn. That is why, in this blog series, we share our fuck-ups with you. And of course, we also tell you what we learned from them so that you might avoid these mistakes. We kick off with our first and oldest fuck-up.

Customized website or standard solution: how to make the right choice?

When it comes to building websites, you are quickly overwhelmed by the possibilities. You can choose to have your platform built in a standard solution or you can go for customisation. But how do you make the right choice?

These are the advantages of Laravel for platform development

The development of an online platform, website or application involves working with a great deal of information. Developers have various frameworks at their disposal for processing this information. One of the most popular frameworks at the moment is Laravel. In this blog you will read about the most important advantages of Laravel.

What does it cost to have a website made?

Often you don't know in advance how long a software project will take or what it will cost. In this blog, we'll discuss budgeting for software projects and how to do it the right way. So what does a website cost? Read along!

5 tips for a user-friendly website

User-friendly design for a website is called UX Design. In this blog we give you a number of lasting tips for a user-friendly website.

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