Endeavour Fuck-up stories: how do you almost 'wreck' a campaign? 

"Oh wow, we fucked up big time!" Making mistakes (flatly put: fucking up) is only human but it's not something we like to talk about. Yet it is often by far the best way to learn something. That is why in this blog series we share our fuck-ups with you. This time, a fuck-up with a hefty price tag attached.

Practical guide for marketers: cookies and tracking

The cookies and tracking landscape has changed significantly. As a marketer, how do you keep track of all this? Get up to speed by reading our blog!

How performance branding boosts your brand awareness

More and more budget is being allocated to targeted performance marketing: anything to get consumers deeper into the funnel. But how do you get them there in the first place? We're talking brand awareness! You have to start somewhere in facilitating a purchase. Performance branding is the way to go. Read here the why, how and what of performance branding.

Online marketing vs. content marketing: what's the difference?

Despite the fact that we have been working with them for years, the services 'online marketing' and 'content marketing' are still regularly confused. In this blog, we explain what the difference is, but also why they go well together.

Multiple stores? Here's 5 local SEO pointers for excellent findability

Your business has several stores. Then you would like to attract as many people as possible from the region to the nearest store. But how do you make sure that the specific local store is also found well online and not just the general website? Two words: local SEO.

6 reasons to start programmatic advertising now

Here you can read everything you need to know about programmatic advertising. We'll look at two common systems for display advertising and dive into their extensive capabilities and differences. We help you determine when to choose programmatic or the traditional Google Display Network (GDN). Read along!

Measure the impact of your written content

Do you often write SEO-proof texts? Then make sure to measure important metrics, so you can keep improving. We will tell you which metrics are important to look at.

E-commerce conversion rate report

An average conversion rate for online shops says a lot. It is often the key performance indicator for e-commerce parties. This figure shows how the percentage of purchases relates to the number of website visitors. How are you doing compared to the competition? Here you will find the answer!

Meet Customer Data Platform Squeezely

On the software front, a dream came true: with a Customer Data Platform (CDP), such as Squeezely, you can get a handle on the entire customer journey and personalize it in real time. A CDP helps companies embrace personalization like a second skin. And the best part is: this advanced software solution integrates seamlessly with your other systems.

Marketing automation with Cialdini's 7 principles of influence

No marketing specialty is as hot as marketing automation and no influence principle as well-known as Cialdini. What happens when you combine the two and deploy them for your customers?

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